Helicopter Belly Foam Attachment




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The Helicopter Belly Foam Attachment is designed to roll under the helicopter and foam the underside of the airframe.  The foam attachment can be used on multiple airframes and saves labor by eliminating the need for creepers and brushes.  It can be quick coupled onto any foam unit to quickly change a standard foam unit into a belly foam attachment.  Includes stainless steel disconnects for easy transport and storage.

  • Foam eliminates the need for high pressure cleaning
  • Foam reduces the amount of labor needed to clean the aircraft
  • Foam provides maximum contact time for chemical effectiveness
  • Foam offers savings in chemical and water usage
Equipment requirements Requires Armick soap foamer (M1D-TP/PF 10/PF 25/PF 50)

Ordering Info

Part Number NSN Description
HBF N/A Helicopter Belly Foam Unit
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