Airborne Augmented Reality Environment System


The Airborne Augmented Reality Environment System (AARES) is a program developed on our success with the Immersive Training Environment (ITE) platform that allows users to synch in virtual space and train on complex tasks without risk to crew or assets. Virtual Reality (VR) is transforming military simulations/training and we have worked to leverage our VR knowledge and expertise from our mission rehearsal systems and crew training products to the static line parachute training world.


  • Unity Gaming Engine based software for maximum flexibility and expansion
  • Multi-player compatible via LAN network
  • Instructor station computer that allows the instructor to edit variables, i.e.; scenery, weight of soldier, wind speeds, altitude, aircraft of choice, parachute type, time of day, exit location from aircraft, weather adjustments, aircraft speed adjustments, etc.
  • Ability to score soldier on VR jump based on distance from spot of target, if the soldier was faced into the wind, rate of decent, if they gained proper canopy control, etc.
  • Ability to ingest Geo-Specific Terrain databases via Unity
  • Ability to see camera view of jumper from 1st person perspective, or from a point on the ground picked by the instructor.
  • Ability to setup a jump scenario and start the jump sequence for all jumpers involved in the scenario -Ability to pause or reset the system for increased training potentia


  • Unity Gaming Engine based software for maximum flexibility and expansion
  • Ability to join a jump session created by the instructor
  • Ability to see the other jumpers in the scenario
  • Ability to steer the parachute with toggles connected to the AARES hardware solution -Designed for a very simple user interface for the soldier to alleviate confusion or system crashes

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