AH-64E Main Rotor Blade Tie Down System




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Built with heavy-duty, UV resistant reinforced nylon, these tie downs can withstand the world’s harshest environments without scratching the composite main rotor blade.  Utilizing a fast-slip prusik hitch and integrated rope channels, you can now deploy and stow your tie downs in less time than ever before.  Nothing will secure your main rotor blades better, or is tougher in the field.

  • Designed for the AH-64E airframe
  • Reinforced nylon construction
  • UV resistant for years of service in the field
  • Fast-slip prusik hitch and carabiner
  • Secured webbing for fast and firm deployment
  • Remove Before Flight ribbon
  • AH64-CMRBTD Includes:
    • 1 Blade Tie Down (BTD)
    • 1 Black 26 ft (8 m) rope
  • AH64-CMRBTD2 Includes:
    • 1 Blade Tie Down (BTD)
    • 2 Black 26 ft (8 m) ropes
  • AH64-CMRBTD4 Includes:
    • 4 Blade Tie Down (BTD)
    • 5 Black 26 ft (8 m) ropes
Tie down Reinforced nylon
Webbing Nylon
Hardware Stainless steel and aluminum
Rope type Nylon
Rope length 26 ft (8 m)
Rope diameter 6 mm
Safe Working Load (SWL) 114 lbs
Minumum Breaking Strength (MBS) 1142 lbs

Ordering Info

Part Number NSN Description
AH64-CMRBTD 1730-01-664-0561 AH-64 Main Rotor Blade Tie Down, 1 Rope
AH64-CMRBTD2 1730-01-664-4629 AH-64 Main Rotor Blade Tie Down, 2 Ropes
AH64-CMRBTD4 1730-01-664-0562 AH-64 Set of 4 Main Rotor Blade Tie Down, 5 Ropes
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