AH-64 Engine Wash Containment System




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The Armick AH-64 Engine Wash Containment System provides a completely self-contained system that provides both water and air, and will collect all liquid runoff and trap the expelled gas path for disposal. This is accomplished with an easily installed tarp system that returns all runoff to a collection tank on the unit. It utilizes an air driven pump that is powered by an onboard diesel compressor, or can be run from the aircraft PAS air while the APU is running, if neccessary.  Because the EWCS has an onboard air compressor and tank, it can double as a portable flight line sheet metal cart.

  • Once installed, all operations are conducted at the flip of a lever
  • Fully self-contained system
  • Enables wash, rinse, and runoff collection in a single unit
  • Prevents the loss of time and potential risk of moving an aircraft to the wash rack
  • Onboard gasoline fuiled air compressor
Fuel Gasoline
Compressed Air 42 +/- 2 psi, not to exceed 45 psi
Flow rate 2-3 gallons per minute

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Part Number NSN Description
AH64-EWCS N/A AH-64 Engine Wash Containment System
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